5 Reasons Why You Need Video Marketing

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Print media has gone out of fashion in 2020, the digital age is among us. Nothing gets people more engaged than Video Marketing! We’re surrounded by screens all the time; we’ve all spent nights on the couch with a mobile phone in our hand, a laptop or tablet on the table, and the TV running in the background. Not taking advantage of these modern marvels would be foolish for any business attempting to grow with the future.

Companies use video marketing to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement and interact more with their audience. By next year, according to cisco over 80% of all web traffic will consist of video. Younger generations are less attracted by traditional TV content. Most have switched to online video streaming platforms, and your business should learn from and adapt to this trend. If your content isn’t side-by-side with these platforms then you will be missing out on one of the biggest markets available. Video Marketing is a broad term referring to any forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns. That sounds a bit vague but essentially it can be a product demonstration, tutorial, testimonial, cultural piece, or any other type of video aimed at engaging your audience. Now on to our list:

1.Product Awareness

The best way to inform and educate your target audience about your product or services is through video. Consumers are constantly bombarded with ‘sales pitches’ online and in their daily lives. Rather than ‘selling’ them your product, educate and inform them about your product or services. Video is the perfect medium in order to explain what differentiates you from your competitors while giving more of a personal touch than print media. Especially if your product or service is revolutionary, a video explaining it is a great way to engage with your audience and answer questions they may have.

2.Everyone is using Video Marketing

85% of businesses in 2020 are using video marketing (Hubspot).  An integral tool in most digital marketing strategies as consumers love seeing videos on their social media feed. Depending on how it matches your product or business an animated or illustrated video might just be the thing to make you stand out from the crowd! Here at Brain Space, our team’s mastery of 2D and 3D Animation will give your videos a distinct edge over your competition. Standing out is crucial to a successful video marketing campaign.

3.Video Marketing leads to Profit

At the end of the day you’re running a business, not a movie studio so why should you invest in video production.The bottom line is that the ROI (Return on Investment) of video marketing is tangible and significant. Over 88% of video marketers are satisfied with their ROI of their video marketing campaigns on social media. Not only does the use of video campaigns increase your customer base but it also keeps current customers informed while building brand awareness. Following a great video campaign, you are bound to see your sales increase both in the short and long-term.

4.Demand for Video Content Rising

People prefer video content over any other form of media. Especially when it comes to brands that they like. Studies show that over 50% of consumers would like to see more video content from businesses they support! Not only does video resonate with audiences but it also creates an emotional response and relationship with your customers. Attention to detail is imperative to achieving this effect, Brain Space’s creative team will work tirelessly to perfect the artistic style and aesthetic of your video to match your brand identity.   

5.SEO Prize Video Content

This wouldn’t be a digital marketing blog if we didn’t mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines love video content and if you love posting videos search engines will love you back. Having a video on your landing page will decrease your bounce rate and increase the amount of time spent on your website. These two factors are certain to increase your search engine ranking. Google also sees video as high-quality content, so having them linked to your website with correct meta-descriptions will also improve your SEO. There are a dozen more reasons why video content is prized by search engines but we won’t bore you with those. All you need to know is our SEO specialists are positive that video content will improve your online presence.

Here at Brain Space, we will take care of the whole process and put your mind at ease. From pre-production to post-production we do it all. Our team members have a wide array of skills to guarantee that your video not only looks visually stunning but is also a captivating piece of content.

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