5 Tips to Enhance your Social and Digital Strategy

enhance social and digital strategy

For any business, an online representation of its work is essential for its growth. With more than 2.5 billion social media users, a brand’s digital presence is becoming the main source for reaching out to prospect customers. In order to earn your spot in the digital world, apply these 5 key elements to your social media presence.

Aim for an Omni-Channel Strategy

omnichannel strategy

Having an online presence on various social media platforms is beneficial for your brand’s continuity. It is not a matter of preferences because each platform has its own target audience. Whether it is through Twitter, Facebook or marketer’s favorite channel Instagram; your role is to give equal time and effort to each social network.

Deciding on an omni-channel strategy for your brand allows you to reach the right audience found on each platform and resonate with it. Every social network has its strengths that marketers must pay attention to and invest in.

Engage with the Community as Often and as Quick as Possible

community engagement

Building a unique connection with your audience is a key element to your brand and keeping an eye on your brand’s social media pages is pivotal. It has the ability to strengthen your relationship with your community and improve your brand’s connection with its target audience.

By doing so, the algorithms set by social media platforms will determine what content will be on the front line. The higher the engagements are on the post, the higher the chances of it being displayed. Therefore, it is important to reply to comments, luring your audience into interacting with your posts.

Delight your Audience with your Ideal Content Mix

content mix

It is true that your brand should be the hot topic. But, do not always focus on one content direction. Combine different forms of communication within your strategy. An easy way to start is  by using the rule of the thirds.

Hootsuite defines the rule of the thirds as the following:

  • The first 1/3 of your social content should promote your business, transform your readers to customers and make profit.
  • The second 1/3 of your social content should share ideas and stories from people you look up to in the same field of expertise or same business mentality.
  • The third 1/3 of your social content should be based on personal interactions and building your personal brand.

Don’t forget to keep your users entertained!

Invest in Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

One thing that you cannot ignore is the success and growth of influential marketing. It is part of every brand’s social media communication strategy. This technique has several advantages. Influencer marketing allows brands to penetrate new markets and reach their target audience in an organic way that fits with today’s consumer’s way of thinking.

In addition, brands working with influential bloggers can receive benefits beyond social media such as blog mentions and reviews which, in return, will improve SEO positioning and ranking.

Track and Measure your strategies

track measure strategies

Tracking how your audience interacts with your brand will make your digital marketing strategy more comprehensive. Whether it is through pixels, remarketing codes or tracking codes, data will be collected. This will help you quantify the results of your digital campaigns and measure your performance. This is one of the best features of digital marketing!

On-platform metrics will measure:

  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Distribution

While on-site analytics can help you:

  • Learn more about consumer behavior
  • Find out which content attracts consumers best
  • Discover which social platform converts most

The combination of on-platform and on-site analytics will give marketers insight on consumer tactics. Contact Brain Space and enhance your marketing strategies today!

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