6 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Online Performance Organically

enhance online performance organically

Sure, we all heard about the effectiveness of paid online advertising. We even wrote an article about how long till people can actually see the results from paid ads! But what if I told you that your online organic performance is as important as your paid one? What if I told you that, without a strong online presence to begin with, paid advertising won’t be as effective on the long run?

I hope I got your attention by now.

Let’s talk about your target audience. They are in continuous search for brands that defines who they are or at least who they are trying to be. And one thing is for sure, they become loyal to brands that offer just that. However, loyalty doesn’t come easy. Brands are working on a daily basis towards being consistent with their image, quality and credibility, and trust me, it is a lot of work. Nowadays, most of that is done online. With such an aware I-Generation (or Internet-Generation), brands should never forget to keep their pages up to date organically in order to build trust. Doing so is very easy with these 6 tips and tricks and it’ll will boost your brand’s online performance!

1. On Your Social Media Platforms

Keep Your Followers Interested By Posting Regularly

posting regularly

Look at posting regularly as a double-sided coin.

The first side of the coin is your brand. While posting regularly, not only will you be building yourself a voice and an image, but most importantly, you will, and should be, de-corporatizing your brand. This means that your brand would take the shape of your target’s personas. As per The Marketing Folks, “customers are becoming as concerned as who they are buying from as they are what they are buying”. In other words, posting regularly with the same tone of voice would definitely ensure your trustworthiness and will get you loyalty from your followers.

The other side of the coin is your audience. Keeping them up to date in a timely fashion will insure a high level of engagement and social sharing with time. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that? With more engagement also comes a greater chance of becoming trending, thus increasing your chances to rank higher in search results pages.

You might take this lightly, however you should never forget that constantly posting on social media is a free solution that can insure the success of your brand online and enhance your online performance.

Share, share, share

social sharing

Yes, you can share three different things on your social media in three different ways to enhance your online performance!

– Repost: Firstly, sharing content is a key strategy to grasp the attention of your audience. Sure, posting regularly is important, but to keep your page trending, you should interact with your audience in every way possible. Share different kinds of content that they previously liked or showed interest in. Doing so will most probably incite them to engage with your own content.

– Keep Your Brand Alive With Stories: Secondly, sharing your own content on Social Media Platforms was never that easy and the engagement rates weren’t that high. This is why, when Instagram enabled their “Stories” they knew exactly what they were doing. The two main benefits of this feature are: it keeps your audience amused and, it lets them know that your brand is always online and active. Moreover, the ability for your brand to post videos on stories is even more interesting. You can go in-depth by showing your products and their benefits. Your audience will engage in a more direct way and if you are lucky enough, they might reply and react directly to your stories.

– Go Live!: Finally, let’s not forget live events! Going live and showing what is effectively happening on the spot will lead your audience into interacting with your brand in many ways. This feature is one of the most important trend to boost your online performance organically. Don’t forget to share beforehand the time of your event and the subject you will be tackling!

2. On Your Website

Develop Top Content

content development

What’s even greater than having a website for your brand is having the ability to create content for your blog. Let’s look at content development as a two-step process:

  1. Planning: You should plan your content ahead of time. This will help you to meet all your deadlines, have a clear image on the kind of content you want to focus on and who your target audience is.
  2. Writing: You should write regularly. I know that some days won’t be as inspiring as others, and I know that words don’t always come easy, however, practice makes perfect! Writing a few paragraphs per day can help you with the process. What is also very important here is for you to write different types of contents to keep your audience entertained.

Once you have mastered content development, you can just be sure that your audience will come back wanting more. With high traffic to your website, comes an even higher tangible performance rate.

So, keep on writing and keep it consistent throughout the months to ensure an exponential growth in your online performance.

Achieve Great On-page SEO

What is also very important for you to master is your on-page SEO. For example, if you are using WordPress as an Open Source Software for your website, track your articles’ SEO performance with a downloadable plugin and enhance it with time. The main points you should focus on for good SEO performance is:

  • Keywords; Focus keyphrase and synonym keyphrase
  • Snippet; Title and description as they will appear on Google Search
  • Images alt attribution; Images should be saved using keywords relevant to the text surrounding the images
  • Outbound and internal links; Links to other articles as well as internal ones

Trust me it looks more complicated than it actually is! And it will ensure an exponential growth in your organic performance.

3. Off-Page SEO

Look For Your Community!

As stated earlier is this article, posting regularly is definitely a starting point to ranking higher in search results page. This is the first step in working on your off-page SEO, and the second one is as easy: search for pages, websites or people that might be talking about your brand and ask them to link back to your page!

What you can also do is to look for online articles similar to the ones you have been writing and ask the writers to mention your article in their reference. Doing so will help you build your backlinks and therefore boost your chances to be eligible for Google’s PageRank. In short, you will gain a Page Authority on Google’s search engine and will more likely be seen on top of the list.

Doing off-page SEO might be easy but the results will take time to show. You need to earn your spot but most importantly you need to be patient!

Take Part In Discussions

Whether you look for forum discussions, or create an account on Quora, it is a very important step for you to engage with other people. What might be even more interesting is to look for is a discussion around a subject you recently wrote about. You can simply reply to whoever started the discussion and then link your answer back to your article. This will ensure higher traffic to your website and therefore it’ll help boost your credibility towards your audience.

To Sum It Up

These 6 steps all take part into keeping your brand growing organically. You shouldn’t waste any more time to start taking action and improve your online performance. From your social media accounts to your website and your off-page SEO, start working on your content, let your audience engage with you and the rest will follow! You can also contact Brain Space’s Content creators and digital gurus and we will be happy to boost your online performance!

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