Email Marketing and Everything In Between.

“Email me the details!”, “oh yea, no worries, I’ll email you all the documents”,
“I connected to everybody on the team with just one email!”, emails, although have been in our lives for so long, their importance is still growing strong.

There are many different platforms that can help you in customizing your messages to your customers, especially in today’s advanced digital age. Emails remain at the top of the list to significantly deliver customers

After our detailed research, we’ve done the hard work for you. Enjoy our blog that explains why email marketing is worth your time and investment!

The Success Of Your Email Marketing

Monitoring the success of your email marketing is a crucial step, and focusing on its growth is what you should pay strong attention to. Not only can you monitor the growth of your list, but also the rate at which those emails are being delivered.
There are a few rates you should keep your eyes on such as:

  • The Delivery Rate.

Just think about it; what’s the point of gathering email addresses if their future is known to be dead accounts? Monitoring your delivery rate can help you neglect the mistake of working with inactive accounts. After all your hard work and effort, ensure that your emails are going to live accounts

  • The Open Rate.

One of the most universally used metrics by email marketers, open rate is the percentage of subscribers who open the email. By monitoring the open rate, you’ll have the advantage of analyzing how engaged your subscribers are and how effective different subject lines are.

  • The Click through rate

Just like the name states, CTR measures how many people have actually clicked on the LINKS found in your emails. There are a few ways you can increase your click through rate, for example, make sure to put your links in appropriate eye-catching places 

Click-through rates are typically much lower than open rates.
The average click-through rate for most campaigns is slightly over 4%.

  • The Conversion Rate

Many people confuse click through rate and conversion rate, we’re here to put a stop to that. Since we explained CTR, conversion rate measures how many people clicked on the link and then completed a specific action. Analyzing your conversion rate helps you determine whether or not the money you are putting into your campaigns are paying off!

  • The Bounce Rate

Do you wonder how many subscribers didn’t even receive your email? Analyzing the bounce rate gives you the answer you are searching for.

Soft bounce rate tracks temporary problems with email addresses

Hard bounce rate tracks permanent problems with email addresses

There are also other metrics you should keep your eye on such as email sharing rate, mobile open rate, mobile click rate, and so on which are metrics that explain for themselves.

After all, if you do not know how fast your email list is growing, you can’t measure the success of your email marketing efforts.

Would you click on an email ad, which interests you in no way whatsoever, which keeps on filling your inbox up from time to time? We know we wouldn’t. Which is why before you start sending out your emails left or right, why not send them to prospects with higher engagement possibility rate? How can this be possible you may ask? Simple. You can push email signups which only requires usernames and email addresses.

The Attractiveness Of Your Email.

As we mentioned above, open rates should be one of your number one concerns in email marketing. Lucky for you, we have come up with a list which can help you make your email – irresistible –

Sometimes, with only one word, you can not only grab their attention but also build their curiosity to open your emails. Let’s get into it!

  • Your subject line is much more important than you think. Let’s start with the first thing your email list sees when receiving your emails – The subject line. One way you can increase your open rate is to make the emails feel like more about the person you are sending it to; instead of your product.
  • Use striking imagery whenever possible. Make sure the image you include does not dilute your primary message, because this can confuse the recipient rather than enhance your performance. Using different colors, font and links can also help make your email marketing much more successful.
  • Your preview text is what elaborates your entire email and what drives the recipients to click through. With only 35 to 140 characters, make sure to use them the best way possible in order to direct value.
  • Never forget call to actions (CTAs). With them, you have the chance to create a sense of urgency and lead to conversion.
  • Lastly, mobile optimization! People are glued to their phones, so would it be a great idea if your emails were not mobile friendly? If you still are not convinced, 77% of emails are opened on mobile devices, so there’s that. Convinced now?

Just as Benchmark explains it, in order to have a successful email marketing, you have to think of it as a human body. Various part in said body needs to work together in order to have a smooth operation.

Insight On Email Marketing

In order to prove promotional power of email marketing, here are some insights for you:

  • Using email marketing, you can enjoy an average ROI of 3,800% (38:1; which means you can earn 38$ for every $1 spent.
  • The global email marketing was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020
  • When asked marketers, four out of five said they would rather give up on social media than email marketing (how crazy is that?)
  • Even 74% of baby boomers consider email as one of the most personal channels for receiving communications from different brands.
  • According to Moosend and the analysis on 10 million email engagements, the best time to send marketing emails is around 9 AM on a Thursday morning.

But… Why Email?

Even after all this reading, you might ask yourself “but why use emails? We’re in 2022, aren’t there better platforms that can help us get our message out there?” Let us talk a bit about the advantages of using email marketing.

Social media platforms are great, amazing actually, but they are amazing for daily interactions. However, 61% of the consumers actually prefer to be contacted through emails, NOT social media when it comes to connecting with their favorite brands and 72% when it comes to receiving promotional content.

With Brainspace, every single factor in your email marketing is considered and always one step forward than your competitors. Visit our blog and read more about all about email marketing and everything in between!

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