Email Marketing: Do’s & Don’ts

email marketing

With ever-growing technologies and AI that rose from the digital age, some might think that email marketing is outdated. First, let me explain why email marketing should be an important part of your 2021 strategy. To start, when done right, email marketing delivers results and brings the best online marketing ROI. In fact, it outperforms SEO, PPC and content marketing. Moreover, when done right, you can achieve one of the highest Clickthrough Rate (CTR) with this strategy! This is why most big brands (such as Amazon), and public figures always use it as a tool to success. It is a crucial marketing step you shouldn’t miss.

While understanding the importance of email marketing, you might still ask yourself: why bother sending out emails most people will ignore? I mean, how many of you receive daily emails and just delete them or directly unsubscribe? Look at email marketing as a win-win for both you and the person you are sending it out to. On one hand, email is a low-cost marketing tool that will ensure conversions. In fact, investing in email marketing will help businesses grow their database and nurture their customer relationship post-transaction. On the other hand, customers who receive the right emails will become loyal to the brand and connect with it. They will keep the brand top-of-mind for future purchases. However, it must be done the right way! Lucky for you, Brain Space has decided to share email marketing do’s and don’ts to achieve great results and make the best out of it.

Do Think About Your Email Strategy

  1. Define your target audience: this is the first and most important step to ensure a successful strategy. Defining your audience will help you personalize your emails. And no, I do not mean sending out one-on-one emails to your 5,000-customer database! When I say personalization, think about segmentation. Determining who will be at the receiving end will help you understand and identify each segment’s needs. For instance, segment your audience between parents of toddlers and parents of teenagers. From there, you will be able to send out targeted emails by responding to each and every need separately and efficiently.
  2. Set goals: ask yourself what you want to achieve. Some of the most common goals are either providing value to existing customers, increasing engagement or attracting new subscribers. When your goals are clear, the right message will consequently follow. In fact, you will be able to decide what kind of email you want to send. The graph below will show you how easy your email marketing will get, once you set your goals:

3. Focus on your content: once your audience is defined, goals are set and main message clear, start writing.

  • Create an eye-catching subject line: this is the first think your subscribers will see. Attracting them into opening the email should be your main objective. What Brain Space recommends is, first of all, to keep it short and straight to the point. Never write a subject line of more than 50 characters. Another tip would be to personalize it! Talk to your subscribers directly and add their names.
  • Create a short body: No one would want to go over an essay-like email and get bored. By creating a great hook and adding insightful information, you will ensure your campaign succeeds.

Don’t Have Any Misstep

In email marketing, Don’ts overweigh the Dos, and their impact is immediate. So, be careful of the following missteps:

  • Over-do it: never. Bombarding your reading with too many promotional campaigns will lead your emails to be read as spam. But this is not only it. The worst part of over-sending emails is having an unhappy subscriber. In fact, once a subscriber unsubscribes from your mailing list, it’ll be very difficult to lure him back into your database.
  • Over-use images: people nowadays are always on their phones, and almost every email is firstly opened via their mobile device. This might be an issue if your email is full of images. Firstly, because some people disable images from loading while using their data. Secondly, because of format and sizes! As per Brain Space’s many years of experience, include some images, however, make sure your main message is in text format.
  • Forget a Call-To-Action (CTA) button: as you are writing your content, always add a clear CTA button. In fact, no email would ever be enough to get your whole message through. Redirect subscribers to your website and let them engage with your brand on more platforms than just their inbox. Furthermore, adding a CTA button will make it easy for you to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.
  • Remove the option of unsubscribe: imagine yourself stuck in a never-ending one-sided conversation with someone. And they keep talking and talking and talking. Annoying right? Don’t do the same online! If your subscribers just want some peace time, let them have it. The option of unsubscribing means those customers are still potential future clients.

Email marketing, when done right, is an effective and low-cost strategy every company should implement. Contact Brain Space to grow your database and attract loyal and new customers!

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