From A Non-Profitable Website To A 375,000 SAR Empire


Have you ever wondered how people make money out of their website? Well, this article is for you! However, before I go into the details and tell you about the three main pillars that will drive your website into a cash account, know this:

  1. You should already have significant traffic to your website. In other words, your website needs to have lots of visitors on a daily basis. Lucky for you, we had already tackled ways to generate website visitors in many of our articles: you should work on your on-page as well as off-page SEO, and most importantly you need to ensure your UX and UI designs are optimized.
  2. Don’t expect to make money overnight, be patient! The efforts you will put into your website will eventually pay off, however, it’ll take time.

Now that the basics are covered, let’s start with the first thing that can get you money and make your website profitable!

Invest Your Time In Profitable Partnerships

Affiliate Marketing

I am sure that you already came across an influencer promoting a product on his/ her Instagram page. This is called affiliate marketing, and, as a website owner, you should do it too. To be a bit more technical, affiliate marketing is promoting a product on your own page and generating sales to the brand you promoted. Once people start buying the product you promoted via your website, you will start generating profit from commissions on each sale done. Beware, though, of the products you promote! Make sure it truly stands for what you believe in or else this type of marketing can backfire. Say you are vegan, promoting cosmetic products which aren’t cruelty free will only decrease your fan base and destroy your credibility.

Also, what can be an interesting ground to play on is coupon affiliate. The idea is very similar to affiliate marketing and the end result is the same. What is asked from you here would be giving a promo code to your visitors. They will then be able to benefit from it on the website you are redirecting them to. Moreover, with coupon affiliate, be sure that you will be able to attract more potential buyers. I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal? Coupon affiliate is a win-win-win to the buyer, you and the brand you promoted: It’ll make your website profitable, the buyer will benefit from a discount and the brand will sell its items.

Start your online affiliations with Brain Space’s affiliate marketing specialists today and witness your bank account grow by the minute!

Sell Online Advertising Spaces


Your website’s second main income can be generated through Pay-per-click or PPC advertising. PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay a publisher each time a user clicks on their ads. So, if and when you choose to generate money out of your website via PPC, you will be selling ad space on your website. This means advertisers will be able to integrate their ads on each page of your website, and whenever one of your visitors clicks on the ad, the advertiser will pay you. What an easy, hassle-free way to make your website profitable right?

Though, you should know the following: there are two ways of selling your website’s advertising space; either by integrating your site in Google AdSense or by selling your own space. Let me walk you through the pros and cons of each one. On one hand, being part of the Google search network will usually get you around 51% of the profit. That’s more than half the amount! Whereas if you sell your own space, you will surely get 100% of the profits, however:

  • You will need to set a price range for your spaces, which will most probably be negotiated by clients, unless you are Anghami.
  • 96% of brand already advertise on Google Ads so you have higher chances of selling your ad spaces, unless, again, you are Anghami!

On the other hand, if you own a website, I am sure that, while creating it, content and design took at least 90% of your time. With Google AdSense, ads might be reducing the space you have for content and sometimes ads that aren’t appealing can negatively affect the number of website visits. Whereas, if you sell your own ad space, you can easily customize the sizes of the ads and discuss with your clients the ads’ visual requirements.

Now, think about the best way for you to generate money, or contact Brain Space’s paid advertising specialists to do the work!

Open New Possibilities with an E-Commerce and E-Workshops


Nowadays, and with the pandemic still around us, selling online is the newest way to make money!

  1. Products: Let’s say you are a foodie. Writing restaurant reviews or recipes on your blog is a great way to start generating traffic to your website. But don’t stop there. As many foodies out there, I am sure that you do not only enjoy food but also the art of cooking/ baking! Try selling your special ranch dressing or one of your cakes online. Another great idea is to write a book and sell it via your website. You can create your own “easy to-do” recipe book or a “2020 guidebook” for the best and worst restaurants in your region. But don’t stop here: Sell aprons with your logo on it, or customizable napkins. The sky is your limit!
  2. Services: One of the great advantages of the internet is the ability to reach anyone, anywhere. Don’t you agree? Great, so why not host an online course or prepare a webinar? E-learning is the newest trend and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make a little pocket money (or a lot!). Promote your webinar on other social media platforms and let as much people as possible to subscribe and attend. Not only will you profit from it, but it’ll also be fun. Doing so will help you connect on a personal level with your fans and followers. You will also be able to understand their expectations and needs. 

Stop wasting time and think about new ideas to bring your platform to life and make your website profitable!


Whether you partner with brands, sell ad spaces on your website or products/ services, start today. You will get an immersive experience on how it easy it is to make money. Trust me, you wouldn’t even know what hit you!

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