How To Choose A Web Developer In Saudi Arabia

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Your website is the face of your business online. You should always put your best face forward! Picking a company or individual to design and develop your website is an important step in growing your business. It’s a decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly and Brain Space is here to give you all the information you need. Ideally, a website is forever, so knowing what you want from your page is important. What is it that you prioritize? Design, user experience, price, speed, culture, or all of the above. These are important factors that you should consider before you consult any potential web developer.

1. Design

You want to have a website that suits your business’s brand image. An overall cohesion between all the design elements of your business and your website should be central to that. Many developers use different methods to design your website. The most traditional route is picking a template online and changing the colors to suit your own. The benefits of this are the price and speed in which it can be set up. In comparison to designing a website from scratch which is more expensive and takes longer to get running.

It can be disappointing to find out that the template used for your website is the most popular one around and all of your competition is rocking the same one. But our talented web developers are capable of finding a unique template and tailoring it to your specific brand image. Nevertheless, if you have the cash to splash the functionality and beauty of a custom made website is unmatched if done by a top-class web developer such as our web design team at Brain Space.

2. User Experience & User Interface (UX-UI)

User Experience Design, simply put, is the ease in which a user is able to interact with your website. While User Interface Design consists of all the aspects a user interacts with on your site such as buttons to be clicked on, images, text entry fields, and much much more.

It is essential in order to have a website that is logical in the way it’s set up while being easily navigable. Your website should be a tool used by your customers therefore you should make it as user-friendly as possible.

This elevator is both an example of terrible UI as well as UX, it is completely baffling to understand what’s going on when you take a look at it. At least using this elevator is better than walking up 47 flights of stairs but if your website has bad UX-UI Design users will just close the tab. The issue with many web developers is they will prioritize form over function; creating a website that is more focused on looks than usability. This is a major issue, we at Brain Space believe that UX and UI design is the foundation of any great website. True design is found in functionality not in colors and patterns; knowing your target audience and tailoring the website to their needs.

3. E-commerce

Does your business sell goods? Are people who are outside your local area interested in your products? Then it’s probably time to open an online store. E-commerce is on the rise in the Kingdom with websites like Souq and Noon proving that Saudi’s want to buy products online.

E-commerce is a great way for new customers to discover your products while easing the lives of your current customers. It allows you to sell products at a scale that’s not possible with traditional offline retail.

Most website developers are capable of implementing e-commerce functionality into your website. Brain Space offers more than that. We have compiled many internet marketing strategies for e-commerce which we will use to ensure your success. Our use of SEO is guaranteed to rank your online store higher on search engines than your competitors. Giving you prime online real estate to sell your products.

4. Mobile Apps

Your website and mobile app should be two parts of the same whole. In order to keep a consistent brand image the aesthetic of each should be one and the same. So if you’re planning on getting a new website developed, ask the developer about their mobile app development as well. Having the same team work on your website and mobile app is a great way to build a cohesive online presence.

However, it is important to assess the developer’s portfolio. When looking at their portfolio keep an eye out for breathtaking apps with excellent user interfaces. It is also important to know if your business will get its money worth from a mobile app. Don’t be sold on a useless app, only built to line the pockets of your developers rather than be of use to your customers.

Always do your market research to evaluate your competition and your customers’ need for a mobile app. As one of the top digital marketing firms in Saudi Arabia, we conduct market research to analyze the practicality and ROI of developing a Mobile Application for your business. If you decide to build an app our team is more than capable of creating a top of the line app with a smooth interface and brilliant design.

Web Development in Saudi Arabia

There are a few factors to consider when hiring a web developer who hasn’t worked in Saudi Arabia before. It may be tempting to employ a web developer based in India due to their affordable prices but this could lead to issues. If you choose a Saudi Web Development company, you will benefit from speaking the same language. Many web developers do business remotely. You can hire a company online, but language barriers can cause conflicts with expectations and results. Another benefit is customer support, hiring a local web developer guarantees convenient customer support.

 For example at Brain Space, we pride ourselves on our around the clock customer service. Which is something foreign companies might not be able to provide due to time zone and working hour conflicts. For a company based on finding creative online solutions, we still treasure meeting our customers face to face. This allows us to truly get an understanding of what our customers’ needs are.

These have been what we believe to be the most important aspects to consider when hiring a web developer in Saudi Arabia. You should take them all into consideration before making a decision as a poor website is not a good look for any business, nevertheless one aiming to grow. Contact us or visit our Coding & Development page for more information!

Best of Luck,

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