How To Create Highly Effective Google Ads


Creating effective Google Ads is all about standing out from the 9 other competitors that have advertised on the Google search engine.

Let’s look at Google Ads as a coin. The first side of our Google Ads coin is the art behind it, the second side being the technical part. One just won’t work without the other and focusing on one side won’t get you the results you need.

This said, let’s look into each part separately and understand how to effectively create your ads.

Technical Part – Plan Your Ads Campaign!

When setting up your google ads, think about the following:

  • What are the goals of your campaign? Are you looking to increase sales or generate traffic to your website? Setting up your campaign the right way from the start will surely have a positive impact on your results.
  • Who is your audience? Targeting and choosing the right audience for your ads is essential for all types of online ads, especially on Google Ads. Targeting by language and country is the first step. Then, you need to create audiences based on three factors: demographics (parental & marital status, education…), affinity (their interests), in-market (actively researching).
  • What extensions should you choose? Ad extensions are additional information on your ad which gets you up to 15% more CTR (clickthrough rate)! An example of ad extension is sitelinks. It can be used should you wish to redirect people from your ad to different landing pages. So, say you are an online shoe store, you can add sitelink extensions such as URLs to men shoes, kid shoes, women shoes and shoes on sale. Adding up to 3 extensions overall is optimal.
  • What keywords should you choose? There are three types of keywords you can focus on. However, and in order for you to achieve your goal, going for long-tail keywords is mandatory. The graph below explains well how the choice of keywords affects cost and conversion.

As per the graph, choosing “shoes” as part of your keyword might be too pricey although irrelevant. But, going for “Nike women’s running shoes” will ensure you ads are clicked by people looking to buy women running shoes! This said, you should always plan your keywords ahead. Lucky for you, Google Ads offers the right tool to plan and estimate your campaign!

Non-Technical Part – Write To Attract!

The non-technical part of Google Ads, or, as I like to call it, the creative part, consists of three main components. Those components are: Display URL (what the users see:, headlines and descriptions. Keeping in mind the character limits of headlines and descriptions, writing ads effectively is the only way to ensure clicks! Because, although your keywords can be great, if your ads do not “speak” to your audience they simply won’t click. So, think about what the people behind the screen want. Ask yourself this: how can you attract them into clicking on your ad? The answer is simple and there are two ways of doing so:

  • Appeal to the web surfer directly. You can create different ad copies based on the different searches of your audience. This technique will help you answer your audience’s needs directly! Look at the example below:
ad copy

Here, your headline’s ad copy is based on what the search query is. So, people searching for “women’s shoes” are seeing a different headline than those typing “women’s Nike shoes”. With this technique, you can ensure your ads are relevant to each user.

  • Appeal to the web surfer indirectly. What I mean is: create ad copies with the words “sales” or “free”, “luxurious” or “high-end”. Based on those kinds of words, you will be able to attract the right people. Also, what you can do is create a sense of urgency. Ads with the words “limited offer” tend to have a higher CTR than other ads. Another tactic to creating urgency is adding a countdown timer to your ad. Yes, a countdown timer, thanks to Google Ads! This way, visitors seeing your ad will be motivated to click by their fear of loss.

To Sum It Up

Creating effective Google Search Ads take a lot of time and patience. The bright side is, if done correctly, it will surely increase your CTR and conversion rate drastically.

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