How To Spend Your Ramadan In Quarantine?

In the holy month of Ramadan families and friends gather to break their fast at iftar and spend time at the masjid praising Allah. However, amid the spread of COVID-19, people all around the world are forced to stay indoors. Ramadan this year is going to be a bit different, to say the least.

Cue digital technology. One thing we’re truly thankful for is our developed tech. Mobile phones and tablets on hand will make this Ramadan more bearable.


Here are ways you can use your devices and apps to make the best of your Ramadan in quarantine:

1. Launch an online prayer group

You may not be able to go to the masjid, but you can bring the masjid to you. Well, kind of.

You can use apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat to stay in the loop with your friends:

  • Facebook: you can go live with tarawih prayer.
  • Instagram: you can create Ramadan-themed challenges.
  • Snapchat: you can send 10-second prayers (duas) or your favorite short quranic verses.

2. Video call your family or host a virtual iftar

Being away from family this Ramadan will probably be the hardest part. But there’s no reason to be so lonely. Get creative by hosting a virtual iftar with your friends and family by using these apps:

  • IMO
  • Skype
  • Tango

3. Cooking & Baking

Ramadan food is always a bit more special than normal. Learn more about iftar food by following these amazing chefs, foodies, and more.

4. Pray On Time

It’s fine to offer qada prayer especially if you’re busy working the entire day. But this Ramadan, try to take 5-minute breaks and challenge yourself to pray every prayer on time. You can keep track of each one by downloading one of these prayer apps:

  • Saudi Arabia KSA Prayer Times
  • Azan Saudi: Prayer times Saudi Arabia
  • Azan Saudi Arabia

5. Read The Quran

There’s nothing quite like holding the holy book in your hands and flipping through the pages. But you can also use Quran apps to read the Holy Quran and listen to its recitation at the same time:

  • Ayat – Al Quran
  • Ayah: Quran App
  • Great Quran

6. Create a virtual Quran circle with friends

You can quickly complete the Quran if you take turns reading it with friends. You can create reading groups through the following apps:

  • Whatsapp
  • IMO
  • Telegram

7. Create a QuranReflect group with your family

As you’re reading the Quran, it’s hard not to get lost in thought trying to understand an aya or surah and relate it to how it applies to life today or get filled with awe for the stories it contains. is an awesome website that allows you to document your reflections as you read Quran. You can even create groups and see how other people reflect on and get inspired by the same verses.

8. Organize your spiritual life

At the end of the day, nobody is perfect. We’re all human and sometimes we forget simple things. But you can actively make an effort to do better by downloading these apps to help get more focused on your religious actions:

  • Ramadan Legacy
  • Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla
  • Muslim Dua Now – Dua & Azkar

9. Workout more frequently

Pairing up fasting with a workout routine is something you won’t regret. First, it boosts endorphins, the happiness hormone. Second, it promotes healthy digestions, which you’ll need after an iftar. Here are some apps to help you get started at home:

  • Home Workout – No Equipment 
  • Lose Weight App for Women – Workout at Home 
  • Lose Weight App for Men – Weight Loss in 30 Days 

10. Pick your hobby and improve your skills

We should always strive for self-improvement. So what better time than now? Just select a hobby you like and get better at it.

  • Get emotionally and financially committed to the skill
  • Make sure a lack of talent isn’t your excuse
  • Pick a role model for your motivation
  • Have realistic expectations when learning a new skill
  • Respect the best learning practices

11. Watch online movies and series through these apps

In Ramadan, life slows down its pace. You finally have the time to take a break and catch up on your favorite series or watch the newest movies.

  • Video Xtream 
  • Shofha
  • Netflix
  • Shahid

12. Go Eid shopping online

Going out to do Eid shopping is a fan favorite pastime. But just because you’re probably not going out this Eid doesn’t mean you can’t look good on Eid. You can buy new pj’s and no one would judge or opt for a whole new outfit.

  • Namchi
  • JollyChic
  • Souq
  • Noon
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