How To Successfully Increase Your Conversion Rate?

conversion rate

I am sure your brand is already up and running its own website or e-commerce by now. I won’t waste your time saying how important it is to do so, instead, check this link out!

Now, back to your brand’s website. The most effective and cost-friendly way to get your brand’s name out to the world is doing online ads. Multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) allow you to do so. However, with the daily and extensive use of search engines such as Google, I highly recommend integrating Google Ads as part of your digital marketing strategy. Doing so will not only generate leads but will also attract the right kind of people for your website. Nonetheless, most of the times, your leads won’t convert! I am not saying this as a way to discourage you, but websites that have 1000 visitors get only 1 customer out of them making the conversion rate as low as 0.1%. Fortunately, this article will tackle the perfect solutions to convert your Google Ads leads into customers and increase your conversion rate drastically.

Set Up Your Tracking Tools The Right Way

tracking tools

One of the most common mistakes is doing your conversion tracking and reporting on two different platforms. Don’t get me wrong, for small businesses launching their website this can do. However, as your business grows, your strategy should grow accordingly. To optimize your results, the first and most important step for you to do is to install your conversion tracking tool the right way. This means combining Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM). And lucky for you, Brain Space has its Google Certifications! Now, let’s go into each platform separately:

  • Google Ads: where you actually do your lead ads, whether it’s a search, display or any other type of ad. This platform will give you information such as the number of clicks your ad generated, the impressions, the CPC etc.
  • Google Analytics: used to analyze who your users are, where they came from and their journey on your website. Your Analytics should be connected to your website as well as your Google Ads account to ensure in-depth analysis.
  • Google Tag Manager: tool on which you can track the actions users took. This tool will let you add triggers to the Call-To-Action (CTA) button you need them to click on. GTM will help you determine when a click was made from the ad specifically, all you have to do is add the tracking code to your Analytics.

Work On Those Keywords

long-tail keywords

While setting up your Google Ad, you will come across a section where you will need to fill out keywords for your campaign. Those keywords will determine relevant traffic and drive it to your website. In fact, one of the most common mistakes of any marketer doing a lead generation ad is targeting the wrong type of leads due to wrong keywords! To avoid this issue, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure you use long-tail keywords (3 or more words) while doing your targeting. For example. If you have an e-commerce site selling leather boots, instead of using “leather boots” as a keyword, go for “shop leather boots”, “online store for leather boots”, “buy winter boots online” etc.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of adding negative keywords. This will prevent your ad from showing on irrelevant searches. Not only will negative keywords save you some money from wasted clicks, it’ll also ensure that your ads are displayed to relevant people who will lead to potential opportunities.

Optimize Your Technical SEO


Optimizing your technical SEO can be a main component in the growth of your conversion rate.

Have you ever entered a website that took too long to upload so you just closed the tab? Well, you aren’t the only one. One of the key factors for people bouncing out of a website without blinking is speed. In a fast-paced environment, you are bound to comply to people’s time. They do not have time to waste on your website, so make sure your website passes the speed test (desktop and mobile) before going live and doing ads. Moreover, you should make sure that your site is compatible on all types of screens. From phones to desktops, people should be able to access it anytime and have good visibility.

Check Your UX/UI Design

ux ui design

If you already followed and implemented the previous steps to optimize your clicks, it means you are halfway there. However, there is a slight chance that, no matter how good your ads are, your leads aren’t converting. In other words, people clicked on your ads and landed on your website, but they still aren’t taking the action you need them to. At this point, I would say it is time to look in introspection: the last and only option left is for you to analyze your website.

We had previously discussed the importance of a good UX/UI design, however, if your ads aren’t generating any leads, dig into it:

  • A/B test your headlines: test 5 to 7 different headlines for your landing page. Sometimes, the headline isn’t clear or doesn’t push people to trust in your website. You can test the location of your headlines, its length and its tone of voice. Doing so might boost your conversions by 30%!
  • Check your landing page: sometimes, your website visitors might be landing on a different page than you expect. Always check the URL you put on your ad; this can decrease your bounce rate by half!
  • Pop-ups: I can only assure you that the intensive use of pop-ups on your website might disturb your leads and make them leave your website without looking back.
  • CTAs: make sure your CTA buttons are first of all in the correct place as well as clear, and second, initiating a kind of “need” to click. You might find out that “Sign up” and “Yes, I am interested” generate different results!
  • Contact details: people should easily be able to reach you. If they end up on your page and can’t find your contact details easily, be sure that those visitors will leave your website.


When done right, Google Ads for Lead Generation can have a very positive impact on your overall digital strategy. However, as you run your campaign, some details might need fine-tuning and we are here to help! Our Google Certified team is here to ensure the successful growth of your conversion rate. Get the best out of your marketing efforts by contacting us. We take your business to the next level!

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