The Importance of UX And UI Design Explained

Air BNB User interface

Powerful visual design cannot be underestimated. It plays a major role in capturing people’s attention. The famous German designer, Dieter Rams, of the Braun Company once stated: “Good design is making something intelligible and memorable; great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”

With all the technological advancement in the 21st century, all users want to have a good digital experience without exhausting their brains. So, in the case of a website, what makes people want to go back? The answer is simple: fast and well-organized. A rapid response leads to a successful outcome! When it comes to the consumer’s website satisfaction, most tech firms turn towards the applications of the UI and UX design.

What is UI?

UI or user interface design is where all conversations about screens, pages, and visual elements (fonts, colors, buttons, icons, and images) come together to create your website’s identity. It allows users to interact with a product or a service. According to Thinkwik, a technology agency, the UI is the process of improving the presentation and the interactivity of the web. For example, a powerful image can increase emotion and create a feeling of connection with your users.

How do you know if the UI of a website is actually good? Nielsen Norman Group classifies a good design under five characteristics:

  • Learnability: are there any difficulties facing the user’s completion of task?
  • Efficiency: does the design save the user’s time in finishing the task?
  • Memorability: will the consumer be able to remember how to use the website next time they visit?
  • Errors: what steps does the interface take to decrease the chance of misuse of a website?
  • Satisfaction: did the design reach the user’s pleasure?

Let’s take a look at Airbnb’s official website:

This company basically made it very easy for the user to book a stay right from the home page. The image found on the website immediately gives the traveler a sense of peace and relaxation. What you have to do is mention your destination, the date, and the number of guests. So easy!

What is UX?

UX or user experience can be described as the core of the website. The term first appeared in expert Donald Norman’s book in 1988 “The Design of Everyday Things”. The American researcher originally stated: “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” In other words, UX is the procedure of improving the overall experience of web users to achieve the objective of reaching the maximum level of satisfaction.

Google is actually an example of a great user experience. It is fast loading. The users get what they want without even waiting for long. It loads in over a second which is good because every extra second a user has to wait makes them more likely to leave. It is also efficient. When users visit the website, Google knows that they are after quick information. Just imagine that you, as a user, can have the answer to whatever question you have in mind in the blink of an eye.

Why use UX/UI Design?

The primary goal for any business is to grow and increase sales. The UX/UI design plays an essential role to reach success. A great UI design can make or break a website. If the outside look does not match the content or objective, your website will not be effective hence there will be no improvement in the customer’s experience or satisfaction. For example, the choices of color on a button can double your customers.

A great digital experience is based on research, concept, design and testing. It is vital to know that UX and UI both work together because they are two sides of a whole design process. You can win your web consumer’s attention by offering what they are looking for in a short span of time. So, for a start-up website, using UX and UI designing can make your brand recognition memorable. You know what they say; the first impression always lasts long!

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