Podcast Advertising: All you need to know right here!


Podcast is the newest digital medium to get your brand out in the world. You can connect with your community in a trustworthy environment! What is more interesting is to advertise on popular podcasts with similar audiences as your brand. Today’s article will tackle podcast advertising in all its forms:

  • As a podcaster, the ways of advertising about it and getting the word out.
  • And, as a brand, the best practices to advertise on other brand’s podcasts.

 The podcaster


If you did not think about podcast to increase your brand image, now is the time! Actually, many benefits come from podcasting:

  • Honest connection with your audience: by nature, podcasts are created to include communities in safe and inclusive communication spaces. In fact, podcast is a medium to spark honest conversations about things that matters. Whether you want to engage with niche communities or tell interesting, true stories about your brand, podcast makes it possible! Unlike any other communication channel, podcast is all about honesty and engaging with your audience on more intimate levels.
  • Share expert’s opinions: nowadays, there is an expert for everything: home furniture, car tools, wedding planning etc. And who wouldn’t just love taking the experts opinion and advise? The beauty of podcast is that you can always count on those specialists to share their stories and tips on your channel. Doing so will increase the number of podcast downloads as well as your brand’s image.
  • Stay ahead: did you know that 5.1M Saudis listen to podcast regularly? By starting your own podcast, not only will you reach your Saudi audience but also ensure your brand is trendy!

The important part of setting up your podcast is getting the word out. Let people hear about your newest achievement and let them engage with you! Lucky for you, Brain Space has the right tips and tricks to make it all work out:

  • Promote your podcast on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Convert your audio to YouTube videos, since this platform is one of the most used in KSA.
  • Use your own data base and send emails out.
  • Transcribe your audio to a script and post it to boost your SEO.

 The advertising brand

Brain Space aims to create 360-degree marketing solutions for brands wanting to advertise. This means taking into consideration new digital mediums to ensure our client’s brand is trendy and stays top-of-mind. In fact, not only does podcast raise awareness around the brand but also ensures it reaches all the right people. As a brand wanting to target a specific audience, podcast is the right channel for you.

Now let’s move on to some of the ways your brand can advertise on podcast and benefit from it. First of all, choose the right podcast. For example, if your brand targets women specifically, try finding a podcast with mostly women listeners. This way, you can ensure your message gets to the right audience. Moving on to the next step, try finding the most suitable approach to advertise. This said, there are two types of ways to advertise on podcast: dynamic insertion and baked-in.

The image below explains the difference between both:

podcast ads

Keep in mind that one size does not fit all. In fact, the choice of choosing one advertising type instead of the other relies on where your audience is in your marketing funnel. For instance, should you wish to raise awareness on your brand and A/B test different types of ads, dynamically inserted ads are the perfect solution. However, if your customers are already well-aware of who you are and are at a time of decision-making, then baked-in ads are what you need. An interesting approach for your baked-in ads is to ask the podcaster or host to give the listeners a coupon code so that you can track and measure conversions coming from your ads.

To Sum It Up

Whether you need to set up your podcast and create a buzz around it, or you need to advertise on podcasts, Brain Space is the right place to do so. Don’t miss out on new opportunities and be a trendsetter in your area of expertise with brilliant new ideas crafted for your specific needs.

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