SMM is the New Marketing

Ever since ancient Egyptians in 2000 BC, advertising has been around, in their case, on steel carvings. As the world evolved, so did the means of advertising. From newspaper ads to banner ads, marketing became a whole new movement when it reached the radios and televisions since it made the ads more personalized. Finally, over the years, advertising became digital, and marketers started to focus on what’s really important to increase their brand visibility in search engines.

Fun fact: 81% of small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform.

This improvement gave birth to a whole new era in marketing, known as social media marketing (SMM).

But… What is SMM?

An internet marketing which uses the benefits of social networks as a tool to promote websites, increase their traffics, directly communicate with the audience, and learn from their reactions – That’s what SMM is. Since half of the global population uses social media, Social Media Marketing can be seen as the easiest way to reach an enormous amount of audience.

When focusing on attracting attention, driving traffic to your website, and growing your business, SMM is the answer.  The main goal of SMM is to improve communication with users, increase brand visibility and reach more (potential) customers.

In today’s market, it is believed that the brands that do not advertise on social media risk their brands and have a chance of falling behind, however, what happens if they do?

Here are the advantages, according to Future Learn, of using SMM:

1. It Helps You Build Awareness

First and foremost, it is crucial to say that SMM gives you guaranteed reach and enables you to place ads for keywords bringing your website high-quality traffic. No matter what type of business you run, you still need people to be aware of your products or services. By using SMM, you can reach a vast number of audiences.

The good thing is you have the advantage of targeting people who are unaware of your brand but are interested in your product which means you are not restricted to your existing customers only.

When using paid ads, your content becomes far more visible and inviting, bringing you more followers. Moreover, when building a business, it is the most effective for people to see your brand as a part of their everyday routine online and connect to it. When people see you regularly, they recognize you, making you credible.

That’s when SMM steps in!!

It helps you place yourself in front of them. Whether you’re looking for reach, engagement, or sales you need social media marketing.

2. It Gives You Control

Yes, you read that right, you’re in control.

You have the opportunity to choose the best option that suits your business being from:

  • Many formats
  • Ad sizes
  • Cost options
  • Platforms

You even have control over catering to different audiences, choosing to display banners on the google ad display network or have simple text ads appear above people’s searches.

You can even have an image-based ad.

Have you changed your mind and want to use video ads? No problem! You can run them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube even LinkedIn.

You have the chance to tailor your message and brand image however you see fit, and then test to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

3. It is Cost-Effective

Using SMM also provides you enough budget flexibility, that you even have the option to start small.

  • When you see a positive result, you’re free to scale up.
  • When you want to take a break, you’re free to pause and stop your ad spend immediately.

Seriously, You’re free as a bird!

You can even set daily budgets and total budgets so that you never overspend. SMM is very cost-effective since you don’t have to pay every time your ad shows up on someone’s feed. You only pay when an interested enough customer clicks through.

4. It Gives You a Better Relationship With your Customer

The audiences that engage the most with your ad campaign are the most that are receptive to your products. Lucky for us, social media platforms can gather data from demographics to behavioral information. And by using this data, companies can easily gain more knowledge about their ideal customers and how best to influence them.

Using social media, you can engage directly with the interested customers by answering questions and addressing their concerns and because of that, in no time your business will be viewed as reputable and trustworthy.

5. It’s Measurable and Trackable

For marketers, it is particularly important to know how the ads are doing, and with paid social adverts, it’s extremely easy to measure their performance with real-time data (whether you are concerned with the clicks, reach, or engagement). Simply by using Google Analytics, you can see your performance details. The statistics are readily available for you to show how your ads are performing.

Something no magazine ad or billboard can do for you.

And guess what?! You can even access the insights on how to enhance the performance of your social media advertising campaign.

Businesses place their ads on billboards in busy areas to be seen by thousands of people however, how many of them want or need what you provide?

With digital paid marketing, you don’t have to play that game!  You can focus on reaching the right customer based on the demographics and behavioral data.

6. It Provides Continuous Improvement

Advertising channels such as Google constantly update their tools for their users by adding more targeting options and advertising tools. This helps marketers make their ad campaigns more customizable, giving their audience a better yet more comfortable experience. As these tools improve, you get to use more techniques that suit your business and promote your products.


SMM has constantly proven to be a reliable and profitable channel for all types of companies seeking not only quick, quality traffic but also with little risk!

After reading the advantages, it is best to say that you can easily create an approach that will not only sell your products or services to the customers, but also will have them asking for more!!

As the world evolves and organic reach on social networks continues to fall, paid social media advertising should be the number one thing on your mind.

One last thing, we’re here for you!! If you need anyone to help you with organizing your paid ads and improving your business, our arms are open. Let’s make your business something everyone talks about.

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