Top 10 Saudi Social Media Influencers

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Saudi social media is booming! There are successful social media influencers who blog about literally anything you could think of. The most popular things to blog about are fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle or a combination of all four. These influencers have created their own brands online through their quality content and personalities. Here are the top 10 Saudi social media influencers in food, beauty, and fashion:


1. Lift and Cheat @liftandcheat youtube 2.7 million Youtube subscribers

Lift and Cheat - YouTube Channel

2. Hisham Baeshen @misho_baeshen 2.4 million Instagram followers

Hisham Baeshen - Saudi Chef and blogger based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

3. Wejdan Mohammad @wejdan_mohammad_1 778k Instagram followers

Wejdan Mohammed - Foodie Vlogger, Easy Cooking Influencer Saudi Arabia

4. Ahmed Aziz @aziztime 585k Instagram followers

Ahmed Aziz - Food Blogger Jeddah

5. Muadh Al-Faddaghi @m3ooii 401k Instagram followers

Moaz Al-Fadaghi (@m3ooii) is a social media influencer

6. Eman Gazzaz @saudifoodeman 315k Instagram followers

Eman Gazzaz (ايمان قزاز) is Saudi amateur chef that cooks authentic Middle Eastern dishes.

7. Sukkari Life @sukkarilife  236k Youtube subscribers

Sukkari Life - Food Blogger,  Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

8. Hussain Sallam @hussain.sallam 1.3M Instagram followers

Hussain Sallam, known as S7S, has created the largest serving of sayadieh weighing at 600 kg (1322.77 lb) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

9. Sultan Alfaisal @sultan.x220  444k Instagram followers

Sultan Alfaisal

10. The Pink Tarha @thepinktarha 21.8k Instagram followers

The Pink Tarha - The Award-Winning Online Lifestyle Guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


1.Nora Bo Awadh @nora1352 3.1 million

Nora Bo Awadh - Saudi Arabian makeup artist

2.Ghadeer Sultan @ghdor.sultan 2.1 million

Ghadeer Sultan is a professional makeup artist and salon owner with 2 million followers on Instagram

3.Njoud Al Shamari @njoudsh1 1.6 million

 Njoud Al Shammari, a 21-year old Saudi lifestyle and comedy vlogger with 1.2 million viewer.

4.Ruba Zai @hijabhills 1.1 million

Ruba Zai - Easy Hijab Styles For Weddings and Eid

5.Rtoon Sultan @xreetanx 646k

Rtoon Sultan  is a social media influencer

6.Abeer Sinder @abeer.sinder 426k

Abeer Sinder has over 123,000 followers on Instagram and roughly 40,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel.

7.Al Juhara Sajer @jaysajer 312k

Al-Juhara Sajer is a Saudi beauty vlogger who pushes cultural boundaries by sharing her lifestyle through YouTube

8.Sanna @lookamillion 304k

 Sanna - Self-taught MUA, beauty blogger & YouTuber!

9.Reem Adbulaziz @reemabdualaziz_makeup 153k

Reem Adbulaziz - Saudi Makeup Artist

10. Ghalia Mahmoudi @vogueoverdosed 92k

Ghalia Mahmoudi -Influencer and Blogger


1.Hala Abdullah @thehala 2.5 million

Hala Abdullah - Saudi fashion model and Influncer

2.Saudi Trends @saudi_trends 18.7k

Saudi Trends. Daily Guide Book of Fashion

3.Alanoud Badr @fozaza 974k

Alanoud Badr - Saudi-Lebanese fashion blogger

4. Lama Alakeel @lama.alakeel 584k

Lama Al-Akeel, the Jeddah-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, with more than 400,000 followers

5. Bayan Linjawi @just.bayan 289k

Bayan Linjawi - Social media influencer

6. Sausan AlKadi @stylemesausan 191k

Sausan AlKadi, Fashion Blogger, Certified Stylist & Fashion Buyer/

7.Rafal Sarai @rafalsaria 118k

Rafal Sarai - Saudi Fashion Influencer

8. Aram Kabbani @aramkabbani 112k

Aram Kabbani - Fashion Stylist / Image Consultant

9. SarahAlyafei @sarahalyafei  595k

Sarah Alyafei -Yemeni biracial

10. Rawan Hussain @rawan  4.2M

Rawan Hussain -  Popular lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer

Micro-Influencers and Engagement Rate

A micro-influencer is typically a social media influencer who has between 10k to 50k followers and a highly engaged audience. While their audience size is modest their influence is not! Some of the many benefits of using a micro-influencer’s endorsement are:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Authentic and personal.
  • Great to work with.
  • Access to niche audiences.
  • High engagement rate.

Engagement rate is a metric that measures the followers who are actually engaged with the content. The average engagement rate for a social media account with 100,000 followers is around 1%, which means that only 1,000 of those followers engage. Whereas a micro-influencer’s page with 10,000 tends to have an engagement rate of around 5%, amounting to 500 engaged followers. The cost difference between collaborating with an influencer with 100k or 10k is outrageous considering you’re only reaching 500 more people.

Importance of content-driven campaigns

Influencer marketing, a modern marketing tool that adopts the concept of celebrity endorsement in order to create content-driven marketing campaigns. Unlike traditional advertisements, influencer marketing has a higher conversion rate as people trust the influencer’s judgment and are more likely to accept a product or brand through their positive feedback. However, it is key to pick the right influencer to endorse your product. Not only does their brand image have to match your own but you have to ensure that their followers would be interested in your product or services.

Using Influencer marketing is a great method in order to grow your business in 2020! Not only will it drive viewers to your social media accounts but these viewers are of the highest quality, most likely to engage with your account and purchase your products or services. Regardless of your budget, at Brain Space we will find the perfect influencers to endorse your business.

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