Vision 2020: Women Empowerment and the Digital World

Vision 2030

En route to Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has taken massive steps towards gender equality and women’s rights. Reflecting the country’s belief that are integral to achieving the goals of Vision 2030, especially in key sectors such as information technology and entrepreneurship. In the past five years, the country has completely revolutionized its policies when it comes to the female population.

2015 saw women allowed to vote and run as candidates in municipal elections, 2017 women were given the right to drive and last year women were allowed to get passports on their own and travel without the need for a male family member to sanction it. However, the road to 2030 is a long one! Here are some of the latest campaigns put in place in the battle of gender equality within the Kingdom:

  • The 2020 G20 summit will be held in Riyadh during the month of November. Saudi plans to revolutionize the event as it will be the first time the Business 20 (B20) delegates are comprised of 33% women. The B20 will focus on equity and gender equality in terms of increasing women’s participation in business, specifically in leadership positions.
  • The Saudi military has just opened its first women’s section. Women will now be able to join the military in a wide array of capacities spanning the six branches of the Saudi Military. The initiative is the first of its kind allowing women to climb the ladder en route to senior ranks.
  • The results of these policies have been documented by the World Bank’s Women, Business and Law 2020 report. It ranked the KSA top amongst 190 countries in regards to female involvement in economic development and entrepreneurship.

Women in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has seen an influx of women who have risen up the ranks to be influential thought leaders. As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Saudi Arabia, we are no different, we have many women in senior roles. We pride ourselves on our inclusive hiring procedure. Through online courses, digital apprenticeships and work that can be done from home, the barriers to enter the field have never been lower.

Women have been proven to be just as  skilled  in the field as their male counterparts. I could point to countless examples of women who are revolutionizing digital marketing with their creativity and innovation. Despite all of this women are still underrepresented, as less than a third of the worldwide digital marketing workforce is female.

One of the great aspects of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is that the results are data-driven. Hence we are able to measure and compare the work of digital marketers. Search engine results are an integral aspect of marketing online; the second page of Google is not where your business wants to be located. In order to get your business’ website to the first page, our SEO specialists will implement many different techniques in order to optimize your website.

 The art of SEO is not as simple as it once was as Google constantly makes adjustments and modifications to its algorithm which consequently requires finesse and creativity to capitalize on. Accounts serviced by women score 19% better on average than accounts serviced by men on the Google AdWords Grader, according to Nevertheless, Digital Marketing agencies worldwide are still predominantly employing men which is a sign of antiquated values by upper-level management.

Aside from the technical aspects of digital marketing, there are creative aspects women in Saudi are already excelling at such as social media marketing via influencer accounts. With the prominence of social media in the Kingdom, a need for influencers and social media account managers has risen. From fashion to food there are ingenious content creators in any field you could think of. These social media influencers can be indispensable to your business’s growth as they have access to a large audience and can persuade others by means of their authenticity and reach. At Brain Space we work with many influencers in a wide array of fields to suit your target audience.

2020 promises more opportunities for women than any other year in Saudi history. Whether it is becoming a digital marketing powerhouse, social media influencer or a leading fighter jet pilot; the world is yours. The country is changing rapidly in order to be ready for 2030 and women’s rights are part of the movement! Brain Space wishes the best for all our sisters across the country and we hope you make 2020 your year.

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