Why B2B Companies Should Focus On Video Marketing

b2b video marketing

Millions of businesses are competing in an economic race with the hopes of dominating the market. With this competition comes effective marketing. Marketers have a lot to juggle to make things right. Therefore, effective marketing is a difficult thing to reach. And, with time comes great change. Most digital strategies are being switch from static images to video marketing for many reasons which we already discussed! Today, I will be tackling the importance of video marketing for B2B companies specifically. The question is: why should a company targeting companies aim for video marketing? Other than the fact that 59% of B2B decision-makers prefer video over text content, here are more compelling reasons:

Videos Tell Reliable Stories

Reliability of videos

This is an era when brands and businesses are focusing more on video content. In fact, when it comes to influencing decisions, online videos are a game changer for an effective B2B marketing. According to ReelSEO, 73% of B2B organizations say that video has positively impacted their marketing results. So, why is video a key success factor in B2B marketing? Because consumers find a video easier to understand: It is direct, entertaining and engaging! This is done through many types of videos:

  • Storytelling: When businesses look at other businesses, it is important they understand its values and expertise. And, the first most crucial benefit of introducing videos to any B2B strategy is to tell the business’s story. In fact, when your customers see how your business acquired its success, they will consequently see you as more reliable.
  • Testimonials: people believe in other people’s reviews. Therefore, testimonials are the easiest and most effective way to let your customers know how your products/ services benefited a similar audience. It is also a great source for interesting potential customers who did not previously consider your brand as a possible partner.
  • Behind-the-scene: your expertise surely comes from the consistency you apply behind-the-scene. And it is essential for your clients to see it! This form of video lets your audience connect with the team behind your success. Furthermore, the length you put into your work only states your deep involvement in your clients’ own success. So it’s a win-win!

They Are Also Informative

Informative videos

Through well-designed videos, any B2B company will be able to:

  • Command attention: There is a reason why people only remember 20% of what they read without visuals. If it were for you, you would surely rather watch the internet instead of reading it, right? Today,  companies are increasing the use of video marketing in their strategies, because videos are capturing the attention of viewers more than any static post.
  • Convey more information. The use of videos will put your products and services at the center of attention. Designed to highlight its features, videos will allow your customer to benefit from clear and visual information about specific items you sell or services you provide. Moreover, a study conducted by Brightcove states that “people find product information research most compelling when delivered in video format.” Therefore, your audience will remember facts and information given through a video more easily.
  • Educate. When selling to other companies, the most important step to take is to define clear guidelines of product usage. Videos help B2B companies do that easily with tutorials and “how-to”s. These useful step-by-step tips and instructions creates a clear connection between you and your, now more aware, client. Moreover, one of the most recent form videos took during quarantine is Webinars and the success was immediate. Through these e-seminars, companies were able to take advantage of lockdowns to assist their clients through any product’s processes. And the main advantage of Webinars was that only interested and potential clients usually attended them thus increasing companies’ conversion rate rapidly.

Don’t get me wrong, static posts have their advantages. But, they give no reason for your audience to ever come back to you. In other words, static images are a one time deal, while videos become an instant reference to all your clients.

Communicate Your Business In Front Of A Camera!

Introducing videos to your B2B marketing plan is an effective way to compete successfully with other businesses. While static images are compared to a one-sided conversation, videos are seen as a deeper and more customized connection between B2B companies and their clients. So, if that’s not a good enough reason to start including visually interactive content in your strategies, I don’t know what is! We at Brain Space work on Video Production in the most visually attractive ways, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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