Digital Marketing in the Coronavirus Era

Digital Marketing in COVID -19 Era

With the rising of the Coronavirus pandemic,  tens of thousands of local companies are forced to start working from their homes. However, this doesn’t mean that we should all stop working and contributing to our economy. In fact, we are in an era where digitization has become the main factor when it comes to running stores, businesses and communications. During these tough times, Digital Marketing will no doubt be the best medium to help us continue with our lives and contribute to our economy.  

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, research showed that B2B companies in the Kingdom had allocated more than 40% of their resources into shows, seminars, and world-class training and meetings. However, with Coronavirus Spreading faster worldwide and in Saudi Arabia, all B2B companies have been forced to keep their projects on hold since a curfew has been enforced across regions. However, if these funds are reallocated through a different medium which is Digital Marketing, this would have a positive impact on the investment. Research shows that 7 to 8% of the B2B funds are enough to grant a positive dividend if they are used in the channels of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing will be taking a massive leap during this pandemic and will be the main strategy used for all local and international businesses. Businesses who will be building their strategies based on the digital communication channels will be able to get ahead of their competitors and will see more positive returns while facing COVID-19. 

Despite all the advantages that Digital Marketing can offer, this sector like the rest has suffered a loss in activity since businesses are keeping their investments on hold for now. However, investing a minimum amount in digital platforms, especially these days can have a very large impact on their investments in the future.

After this virus is eradicated Digital marketing platforms will have a bigger and positive impact since it’s a main contributor to the maintenance of the economy.

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