How And Why You Should Boost Your Website


The internet is a whole universe by itself. People around the world are online for a large number of hours. Most online users are in constant search of information, trends, entertainment, products and services. In the market, if you want your business to succeed you need to have some sort of representation of what you do. You must have a professional website. From 1992 till 2016, the internet contains over 10 billion websites. Though many are inactive, others are making quite a stand.

What is a website?

A website is without a doubt the most important element of the internet. According to Computer Hope “A site or website is a central location of web pages that are related and accessed by visiting the homepage of the website using the browser.” After typing the website on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or any other web browser, a central page comes up. The former is called a homepage. It contains a logo, images, videos, texts and/or graphics.

Why is it important to have one?

According to the e-commerce foundation, 88% of the consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store. Your website will help your customers make faster and better decisions.

 A representative website can

  • Inform online visitors about products and services.
  • Represent the company.
  • Enable contact with different departments.
  • Distribute goods online.

Next stop: BOOSTING!

4 simple ways to boost your website

Cludo defines the term boosting as “The process of setting a value of how important a page is to your website search functionality.” What is the one thing business owners desire? More traffic to their site.

There are numerous ways of boosting your website. Here are the top 4:

1. Get Creative:

The homepage will be your buyer’s first impression of your brand. It is important to state that if your website is unattractive or hard to navigate, you will most likely be scaring customers away. A survey from Business 2 Community shows that 94% of people stated that web design is the top reason that they mistrust or reject a website. So, make sure your website is simple and easy to follow. Use colors and images that align with your brand’s vision.

2. On-Page SEO:

You thought SEO was dead? Think again! Optimizing your content for search engines may be valuable now more than ever. Make sure your site structure and content are fitting for search engines like Google. Write helpful informative content. The former should help your visitors better understand your products and services. Use relevant keywords that your consumers might use to find your website online. Make the most of images alt text. Create internal links to your content. Add Meta descriptions. These small tips will definitely boost your organic traffic

3. Advertise:

This may be obvious yet it requires a lot of studying. If your goal is to increase traffic then make a plan of how much money you will spend and where. Email marketing can be a powerful tool. A friendly email reminder about new products or services can boost traffic. Display advertising is also an excellent way to attract visitors, building your brand and getting your site in front of people.

4. Social Media:

This is one of the best ways to boost your website. Add a link to your website on your account. Social media channels are becoming the main source to everything. Promote your content. Spread your posts, captions and stories to the world through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

The importance of boosting

Your website is the backbone to your online presence. Every type of communication, piece of content or ad you put online will drive the consumer back to your website (LYFE Marketing). Traffic is your number one indicator for business growth. Boosting your website will allow you to:

  • Get more customers.
  • See how well your marketing is working.
  • Gather insights about your audience to make decisions.

A digital web presence is necessary. As a marketer or a business owner, the first thing that pops into your head is: more customers. There are numerous ways to attract them but the very first step is to build your own professional website. Work on that and the rest is history!

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