How To Use Digital Marketing in the COVID-19 ERA

Digital Marketing Strategy

During the COVID-19 Era, Digital Marketing in Saudi Arabia will be the new pathway towards success. Businesses who will take this path will find themselves in the spotlight once this era ends.

In 2017, according to Statista, Saudi Arabia has more than 1 Million business units, and it is projected that more than 50% would be diverting their funds towards Digital Marketing. With this projection, competition will be fierce and many will strive to be in the spotlight. Therefore we are providing some simple steps that are essential in the Digital field:

Step 1: Create Brand Awareness by being present online

In order to create awareness, businesses should be active and present on the following communication channels.

  1. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter…)
  2. Website
  3. Mobile Application
  4. Email campaigns

Step 2: Increase Brand Credibility

After creating awareness and building your communities, you have to start building trust and gain credibility among your users. In order to do so, you can adopt 3 simple and easy steps:

  1. Reply to comments and messages in a fast and efficient way
  2. Gather reviews and testimonials whilst listening to them.
  3. Engage and interact with your customers

Step 3: Understand their needs and deliver value

In fact this step should be your main concern especially before launching yourself in the digital world.  It is not only about putting a large investment in your campaign. If your product and services do not answer to the public needs or deliver value to them, you will see an almost null return on investment.

In order to succeed in this Digital world we live in, you have to deliver value, be present and credible in the eyes of your target audience.

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