Why your business needs to keep up with trends

In our modern generation, trends surround us everywhere. Whether it is a fashion trend, a social media trend or a behavioral trend. Just look around you, I’m sure you will easily identify one.
Every now and then, a new movement comes to life, leading us to a new path. Some people are trend setters, others are followers, and some are neither. Now, following a trend doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, it shows understanding human behavior, acceptance, and new ideas. However, for businesses, it means so much more. Although businesses also focus on the behavior of humans, however they do it for another reason… to attract customers. To follow a trend or not to follow a trend, that is the question. Here are 5 reasons why and how trends help your business for the better according to entrepreneurship In a box.

1. It improves your forecasting ability

Now hold your horses, I’m not saying it will give you superpowers that lets you see the future, but how cool would that be!

If you are an entrepreneur, you understand why the ability to forecast is crucial. For business owners, it is part of an everyday life. Understanding the trends of your surrounding companies can accelerate your ability to do so, thereby making you and your business more successful. Looking back and understanding the history of trends can help businesses answer many important questions.

Starting from what to expect, how to move to the next stage, what decisions to take, etc… Life will become easier.

2. It helps you become a leader

Apart from forecasting, understanding the trends can help you become a leader.

How, you ask?

Well, when you learn the market conditions, customer’s needs and wants, you will be able to create trends that suit those needs, thereby being a trend setter. Leaders understand that satisfying people that depend on them is a must, and to do so you need to keep a close eye on what people like and want. A person who aims to constantly follow trends, see different niches, and learns to adapt can also help create their own style. A leader knows how to make the business shine and be unique. Having your own style defines your brand, sets you apart and makes you stand out so now you know what to do with the next trend you hear of.

3. It boosts your creativity

Staying on top of trends is hard, especially since a new trend comes to life every day. However, constantly following, understanding, and implementing them can help you boost your creativity and gives you new ideas.

Do not be afraid of change, because change means openness, adaptability, flexibility, and growth. Let me give you an example of how creative you can be, only by following the trend. For example, snapchat came up with face filters in January 2015. Many big apps jumped on this trend. Moreover, on Instagram, face filters became so big that nowadays 90% of females use a filter on their photos before posting a picture. Now, you can create your own filter, including your own business name, your business logo, and anything you like.

Do you know how amazing that marketing tactic is? Not only are you able to connect and engage with your customers, but you keep them satisfied by giving them what they search for.

4. It keeps you relevant

Imagine having a business in this modern generation, without having online presence.

One of today’s trends is including your social media account with your business mainly because people have their whole life on their phones, laptops, iPad etc. If you can’t reach them from their device, you may not reach them at all.

Keeping up with the trends also means keeping up with the marketplace and the customer needs. Knowing what your customers are interested in is an extreme advantage, and trends help you with that. Why would a customer choose you if you are not choosing them?

When you are a trend follower, you know what’s hot and what’s not. It is important for companies and businesses to adapt to trends, because when we look back, history has taught us those businesses that do not adapt to the environment are set to fail. Trends make social media marketing make more sense and help create – The next big thing. If you don’t directly jump on the opportunity to have it, then you’re forgotten. When a business is not relatable, its not reachable.

5. It helps you gain competitive advantage

Which business would you choose?

A business that is modern, relatable, and has what you’re searching for? Or a business that keeps the traditional ways, hasn’t been updated, and has literally nothing that interests you?

Following trends gives you competitive advantage because it makes you more enjoyable. People don’t like outdated versions; they are always ready to hop on the next big thing. Listen to your customers, if you aren’t ready to give them what they want, the only one seeing and enjoying your products will be you.

Take the fashion industry for example, people liked a new trend, wearing ripped jeans, so every clothing business hopped on it. The ones that didn’t and stuck with the traditional jeans with no rips whatsoever were long forgotten. Suddenly things changed and people started to follow a new trend, wearing a simple baggy mom pants, and everyone ran to make them, companies that didn’t were waved goodbye.

So, if your customers want something made of grass, you know what to do right?

In Conclusion

We now understand that trends are important and following them benefits the business. However, keep in mind that although you must keep an eye on trends, it is also crucial to know how to implement them in your business. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, because not all businesses are the same. Contact Brain Space to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends you can implement in your business.

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